Romarm Cugir PSL 7.62x54R, Used in excellent condition

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This Rifle is barely used in excellent condition.  Comes with 2 ten round magazines.  

The PSL is a Romanian military designated marksman rifle. Though similar in appearance to the SVD Dragunov, the PSL rifle is closer to the design of the RPK light machine gun. These PSL-54 rifles are factory new from the world-famous Cugir arsenal in Romania. This particular model features a 24.5″ chrome-lined barrel and gorgeous laminated wood furniture.  Chambered in 7.62x54R, the PSL can engage targets at extended ranges. This rifle comes complete with a side rail allowing a rifle appropriate scope to be easily mounted.

The PSL rifle’s primary purpose is to be used by a platoon level designated marksman to engage targets at ranges beyond the capabilities of the standard-issue AKM carbines. It is built around a stamped steel receiver similar to that of the RPK light machine gun, having a wider reinforced forward section enabling a strengthened, more substantial front trunnion. The PSL’s operation is the same long-stroke piston action of the Kalashnikov family of weapons. Its appearance is similar to the Dragunov sniper rifle, but parts are not interchangeable between the two rifles.

The PSL-54 features a 24.5″ chrome-lined barrel and is chambered in 7.62x54R and features an integrated muzzle brake specifically designed for the rifle. The front trunnion is reinforced and the front of the receiver features RPK style reinforcement ridges allowing the rifle to adequately handle the power of the 7.62x54R cartridge. The PSL-54 rifle comes with laminated wood furniture with a thumbhole stock that has an integrated, non-adjustable cheek riser. There is a side rail for the optics that will accept the most common side rail mounts.

  • Model – PSL-54C
  • Caliber – 7.62x54R
  • Number of Magazines – 1
  • Magazine Capacity – 10
  • Action – Semi-Automatic, Long stroke gas piston
  • Barrel Length – 24.5″
  • Overall Length – 45.3″
  • Weight – 9.5lb
  • Optics Are Optional
Country of Manufacture Romania
License Requirement FFL
Manufacturer Cugir
Mfg. Part Number ROM-PSL
Caliber/Gauge 7.62x54R
Action Semi Automatic
Condition Slightly used