Drop in quad rails for Carbine length ARs, NOT free float, drop in so you do not have to modify the rifle. $45 plus sales tax and I can install them for you for $5 but they are fairly easy.

Grips Pod II foregrip! $110 plus sales tax. If you're not familiar, these are the "king ranch" of foregrips. Internal spring loaded bi pod with stainless inserts in the leg with a lifetime warranty. Every shouldered firearm I own, including 22s, have the name brand Gripspod II foregrip. They are that impressive! $110!

The 3rd pic is from 4 hunting seasons ago where my then 9yo, took his 1st deer, with my hunting setup, still used to this day! My youngest son, 9 this year, took a 6pt with the same setup. Keep it simple, and use what works!

I also have AR mags and Ammo in stock below what most on armslist are selling it for!

It's your money, spend it however you want. My advice is free, do not hesitate to text, email, or call me!