We are a Federally Lic Gun Dealer and have many NEW / Un-Used AR-15 Mags Avail.
for Sale OUTSIDE of New Jersey (or any other restricted state).

We have the following avail.:

  • HK
  • BCM - Green Follower
  • FN / SCAR - Green Follower
  • C-Products Defense - Orange Follower
  • ASC - Orange Follower
  • KCI - Black Follower
  •          Side Window
  • Amend 2 (Mod2) - Orange Follower
Prices vary on Brand & Qty but we will be less expensive then you local gun shop or buyng on-line
Call for P&A

We also have an ad up for .308 / 7.62x51 mags

AR, 5.56 Magazine, .223 Magazine, AR-15 mags, M4 mags, M16 mags