I cannot stress this enough, please contact me before wasting your money. I will literally steer you elsewhere if I cannot get the item or if the box store has it cheaper.

The posting is active. If an item is actually on consignment, it will only be listed as such. When an item is sold, the ad will be updated but remain so as to stop the crazy price inflation by some.

7.62x39 is $535 a case of 1000 (just went up $80/1000 from my supplier where I just ordered 4 more cases!) Contact me if you're looking for more as it has been flying off the shelf and I sold the 10k I had in stock before raising the price when I had to reorder.

9mm is rising but is $34 a box of 50 FMJ

5.56 ain't cheap, $18 a box of 20, 55 or 62gr

22lr $0.20 a round (ridiculously high but is what it is)

380 $85/100!

45acp $45 a box of 50 FMJ 230gr & 185gr

Cash price above, before sales tax. Sales tax is 6%, if using card, add 4%. 

Stop paying stupid prices from private sellers and dealers "claiming to care about their customer base" as I know what it costs to replenish what I sell.

Seen an NKY dealer with 7.62x39 for literally $1250 for 1000rds of steel cased FMJ, have the email where they informed me it'll be gone next week. People, seriously, calm down and stop wasting your money!

A dealer in Edgewood is straight lying to y'all saying he's making $5 a box profit...absolutely silly!  I have his emails directly from him when I called him out 01/17/21 21:15. Do your research, do not allow folks to use the current atmosphere to scare you into wasting money while they profit!

Everything firearm related is expensive currently, there is no argument there, but $1250 for 1000rds of steel cased 7.62x39 fmj??????????  That is gouging to say the least.

My name and info is below