For sale - Very Rare P38 NO DATE model in good shape considering what this is. Bore in great shape and pistol is tight and overall in good condition

Blue Book values are between 3,850.00(70%) and 9,600.00 (98%) and I this one priced conservatively at between 80-90% 


Walther P38 "AC NO DATE"
This p38 is the rare German ac no date variation made by Walther in 1940. It is the scarcest variation of the military P38 pistols. This militaria pistol is one of the first serial produced pistols made by the Germans. The P38 was the successor of the much more expensive to make Luger P08. Several series were launched. The o-serie, code 480 and then this very rare bird the AC NO date. AC is the code for Walther (Walther Waffenfabrik, Zella-Mehlis)
This variation was produced for a little over a month in 1940 in a quantity of 2570. (#7271 to #9840).
Later Walther was told to mark the P.38 pistols with the year of manufacture. (AC40)
Examples of this AC NO date variation are normally found in very poor condition. No doubt that a lot of these went to Russia during the Winter War 1941/1942.
BUT - this particular  P.38 pistol is in nice condition.  It rates 80-90%.

This variation is marked on the left side of the slide “ P38/ac “ and then the serial number (XXXX).
All of the small parts are Eagle/359 inspection marked .
Unfortunately the magazine does not match this particular pistol but otherwise the numbers are all matching to this pistol #XXXX.