AT3™ FU-BAG™ AR-15 Lost Parts Kit – Springs, Detents, Replacement Components

We’ve all been there.  Whether it’s rolling the dice on that bargain bin LPK in your local gun shop, launching a detent across the garage, or losing a spring to the shag carpet in mom’s basement, you’re missing a part or two.  The situation is FUBAR, and you’ve F***ed Up – Building A Gun.

That’s why we’re offering the FU-BAG!  The handy bag of commonly lost lower parts, plus a couple of gas tube roll pins and an adhesive bandage.  Whatever happy little accident you’ve managed to make, we’ll help you patch it up with this bag of goodies.

Except if you jettison a detent or spring directly into your eyeball or something.  Always wear eyepro, guys.

American Made Quality

  • All parts meet or exceed military specifications (Mil Spec)
  • Components are 100% Made in the USA
  • Backed by the AT3 Lifetime Warranty

The FU-BAG Includes:

  • Bolt catch plunger
  • Bolt catch roll pin
  • Bolt catch spring
  • Buffer retainer
  • Buffer retainer spring
  • Magazine catch spring
  • Selector detent
  • Selector detent spring
  • (2) Takedown/Pivot pin detent
  • (2) Takedown/Pivot pin detent spring
  • Trigger guard roll pin
  • Mil-Spec Disconnector Spring
  • (2) Gas Tube Roll Pins
  • (1) Adhesive bandage for any other boo-boos you make