A Very Nice Collectible Post War 1954 Springfield M1 Garand .30Cal From CMP "Civilian Marksmanship Program"

This M1 Garand is listed as a "Service Grade" with all SA Post War parts, including a original "matching" barrel dated Oct-54 which is correct for the beautiful 1954 dated receiver. A nice DoD stamped (Department of Defense) G.I issued walnut stock.

Service Grades M1's are defined as rifles that include all "USGI" parts (Not aftermarket) and certified from CMP (See the "Service Grade" definition below).


  • Original receiver and finish with a correct SA 10/54 Barrel. A Muzzle reading of (1) and Throat gauged at (3). Very good ratings (See Blue Rifle Tag)
  • Beautiful Walnut G.I Stock that is double (P) Stamped (Serviced at least Twice)
  • Custom Fitted CMP Carry Case, Inside is a Original G.I Bandolier
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • (1) 8rd Enbloc and M1 Instruction Manual. Parts: SA Post War Bolt, SA Post Trigger housing, SA Post Hammer, SA-11 Safety, SA Post Oprod

You just don’t see many of these matching receiver / barrel combos for sale; especially in excellent condition. Definitely a nice M1 Garand to add to your Military Collection

SERVICE GRADE: (GOOD TO VERY GOOD) Service Grade Rifles show less wear and better appearance than Field or Rack Grades. Good to very good condition. Rifle wear will be exhibited by worn and mixed colors of the parkerized finish. May have pitting on the metal parts. Wood will be either Walnut, Birch, Beech or other variety and will be basically sound but may have minor hairline cracks, dings, scratches and gouges. Wood may not match in color or type of wood. Wood may be of new production but may be used and show signs of wear on Service Grade Garands. Bores will be generally good with only minor imperfections. The barrel crown may be nicked, but the muzzle will gauge “3 or less” and the throat erosion will gauge less than 5.