Hand Engraved COLT MODEL #3 THUER .41 RF DERRINGER | Colt model #3 Thuer .41 Rim-Fire Derringer. Derringer features nickel plated brass frame, bone grips, spur trigger and 2.5" barrel. Serial number "444" stamped on left side grip frame under grip panel. Top of barrel reads: "-COLT-." Left side of frame stamped: "41 CAL." | Caliber / Gauge: .41 RF | Barrel Length: 2.5" | Serial Number: 444 | Condition: Very good. Fair bore. Approximately 10% original nickel plating retained on frame, Barrel shows some dents on left side shank. Grips show some handling wear. Mechanically very good. A favorite in the 1880s with the Soiled Doves and Gamblers in the Old West and Eastern cities alike. Conceals in a-vest pocket or stuck in a garter to pack a big bore wallop.
Antique pre 1898 firearm, requires no FFL and may be shipped direct to your address for $30 shipping.