This next-generation of compact pistols was introduced by the famous Italian weapon manufacture Beretta. First introduced in 1976, the Model 84F is one in a line of weapons sharing similar appearances, dimensions and designs. The Model 84F is chambered for the .380 ACP cartridge and has a double-stacked magazine with a 13 round capacity. The 84F also has a de-cocking mechanism which allows the hammer to be dropped safely from a ready-to-fire position. The 84 shares strikingly similar looks and fabrication methods to that of the world-famed Beretta Model 92. Currently, the Model 84 is marketed as the Beretta "Cheetah". Chrome lined bore. Import markings on frame, made in Italy.
 This pistol in very good used condition with two double stack 13 round magazines. Very fun shooting auto with almost no recoil. Hard to find model. Great carry choise for the ladies.
Mn buyer needs Mn state ID and permit.
Buyer residing outside of Mn pays $30 shipping to local FFL for transfer,