This is a excellent example of a very rare Colt SAA that was made with the Colt "Long Fluted" cylinder. These were a fairly short lived production variation during the 1913-1915 time frame that fell right in this 330,000 serial number range of pistols, with only approximately 1,478 total made. These Long Fluted SAAs were actually standard production pistols in which Colt decided to utilize leftover Colt 1878 DA revolver cylinders in the production process. Colt Archives Dept.Dept letter with gun. Wearing a 4 3/4 inch barrel and chambered in .45 Colt caliber. Pre-ban Elephant Ivory grips in excellent condition. We have test fired the gun and it functions well. Gun appears to have been refinished sometime in its 107 year history.
Mn buyer needs Mn state ID and permit.
Buyer residing outside of Mn pays $30 shipping to local FFL for transfer.