FOR SALE: NEW Crown Series Vault Door by Sportsman Steel Safe Company. I purchased this custom-made door to utilize in one of my construction projects, but the design plan changed at the last minute and a different concept was utilized. Therefore, this door is for sale. Still palletized. We have a fork-lift to load it on your trailer.
Create that vault room / gun room you always wanted. This door was designed to be mounted on a concrete wall 1 FOOT thick. Your average crack-head, dope smoking burglar isn't getting through this set-up!! Avoid the long wait to have a custom door manufactured. This door took nearly 6 months from order date to delivery date to manufacture. It's probably an even longer wait now with reduced manufacturing capacity due to the Wu-Flu. This door is available for IMMEDIATE pickup. Email me at:
Specifics of the vault door:
Crown Series - Vault Door 80" tall x 36" wide x 12" deep (POUR-in-PLACE, U-Shaped Frame - Step System Door - 5.5" Total thickness - Inward Swing - Right Hinge, 2 Hour Fire Concrete Fireboard, 1/2" hardplate, four relockers - 18 bolt system. L-Shape Handle, Silver hardware, Brown Semi-Gloss, silver plate & Pin Stripe. Flat Threshold - 1/4" stainless Steel in Chest Plate 35" x 15-1/4" Steel Chest Plate. Commercial Digital Lock - new sportsman logo. Tool to remove back cover of door panel included (you can't get locked inside).
Selling AT COST. Invoice available for viewing to interested parties.