Thompson by Auto Ordnance, Vietnam War Commemorative. This is a custom gunsmithed Thompson
- with a precision milled receiver that is highly polished to highlight the deeply etched and gold-gilt infilled commemorative inscriptions, including the famous Thompson "Bullet" trademark. 24-Karat     Gold Plating adorns the rear sight, actuator knob and Cutts Compensator and trigger. All of the plating is to Jewelers Grade-Heavy thickness for long lasting beauty and value.
- The Deluxe Walnut stocks are finished to a high gloss to show off the three fired-enamel cloisonnes inlays and 24-Karat Gold sling swivels.
- This is a firing semi-automatic in 45 ACP caliber.
- Beautifilly displayed in a custom-built American Walnut case with Royal Blue velvet lining.
- It has a locking acrylic-glass lid, and can be wall mounted or displayed flat.