Black Aces Pro Seris X tactical
12ga shotgun

New in the box

The following items are included with this product:

18.5" choked Barrel
24"    choked Barrel
Choke set  included
Standard Stock
6 Position Tactical Stock
4+1 standard capacity (magazine tube, non-detachable)
+2 magazine extension tube
+6 magazine extension tube
Railed forend
Top picatinny rail
Rifle sights

New shotgun from Black Aces Tactical that includes a variety of parts to allow for the end-user to customize and configure their 12ga semi-auto shotgun exactly to their liking.

Included with pkg but:
Pistol Grip cannot be used in NJ
+6 Ext tube cannot be used in NJ

12ga. Ammo avail. with Purchase of this gun
No Shipping  - p/u only on the ammo