This listing is for a USED AR-15 10.5" Pistol. We took this in on trade as a different caliber. We replaced the barrel with a brand new Faxon 10.5" 556 barrel. We replaced the gas system with a brand new gas tube and a brand new Faxon low profile gas block. We added a brand new 10.5" Foxtrot Mike MLOK handguard. We also added a brand new Burris 1X AR Prism Scope. We fired 40 rounds through the new barrel to function test everything. Below is a list of the known parts, since it was a trade we do not know the manufacturer of some of the parts used in the original build. This pistol had been previously carried in a vehicle. You can see the cosmetic flaws in the pictures.

Anderson Lower

LAW Tactical Gen 3-M Folding Stock Adapter

SB SBM4 Pistol Brace

Faxon 10.5" Barrel

Faxon Low Profile Gas Block

Foxtrot Mike 10.5" MLOK Handguard1250