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92FS: The world’s Most Trusted Military and Police Pistol

The Beretta 92FS has been stetting the standards for best military, police, and tactical pistol for over a quarter century. The reason is that it was designed and has kept evolving to remain the most accurate, durable and reliable semi-auto handgun on the market. Easy to use, absolutely safe and delivering impressive firepower, it remains the sidearm of the US military and of allied forces the world over, as well as of countless police and law-enforcement agencies.


Action: Single/Double

Barrel Length: 4.9 inches

Caliber: 9mm

Magazine Cap: 15

Number of Mags: 2

Overall Length: 8.5 inches

Overall Height: 5.4 inches

Overall Width: 1.5 inches

Sight Radius: 6.1

Weight unloaded: 33.3 oz

In the State of Michigan, you must be 21 to purchase this firearm from an FFL.

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