For sale is a beautiful original circa 1954 H&R manufactured .30-06 caliber U.S. GI issue M1 Garand Rifle This rifle was never rebuilt, never restored and remains exactly how it left the H&R factory in 1954. Not only is it 100% original, it remains in virtually un-used condition. No doubt a rifle manufactured so late in the game it simply never got used and sat in a government armory somewhere. The stock bears its original 3/8 inch DAS cartouche and a single firing proof "P" on the pistol grip. The stock has never been sanded, and never repaired nor modified. All of the wood remains in beautiful condition and, very importantly, the stock bears no re-build marks whatsoever. Quite desirably, the rifle gauges 1 1/2 on the throat erosion and 1 for muzzle wear. This rifle was sold through the CMP in Sept. 2001 when they actually had some original rifles in this condition. The rifle comes with its original MRT 1952 dated sling. Overall, a beautiful original H&R M1 Garand Rifle. I Would Ship!