I own a warrior training institute. Brick and Mortar business. I came, by way of luck and a few good connections, upon a small lot of U.S. Army MGPTS tents, still wrapped in their storage tarps and burlap bag covers, and in MINT condition. Unfortunately, they didn't come with the POLES! But, after some googling, I found that in the MGPTS world...this is apparently common. You can search EBAY for MGPTS poles and find them for 300-400 bucks. I have also read on forums that the poles are easy to build yourself, and others even replaces the poles with a wooden frame to create a semi-permanent structure. You could easily store multiple cars, a tractor, or even turn one into your personal man-cave or she-shed, with a military twist! These are great, durable temporary shelters. 

I'm definitely keeping a few for myself! But in these strange days, who knows if a fellow patriot might need to get his hands on a good MGPTS tent, so I'm gonna let a couple go. Here's your chance to get your hands on a mint condition military tent for a low, low price! You don't just find these tents lying around, they're kind of rare! 

I'm including some pictures of the actual tent, and some generic pics of MGPTS tents so it's easier to see what I'm talking about. These are the military tents in all the movies! 

The tents are in Tucson, AZ. You will need to pick them up or arrange shipping. I can also haul it to you, but we'll need to discuss an additional fee depending on where you are. Tents weigh about 250 lbs.