EMAIL ONLY! everything is still for sale unless stated otherwise! All prices are negotiable when buying multiple items!

AR500Armor Testudo Gen 2 Lightweight Carrier, black. Fits XL plates and all smaller plates using internal velcro straps, and accepts side plates. 120$
Second Chance Concealable soft vest with 3A inserts. can accept a trauma pack on the front. 250$
AR500Armor abdominal drop-down carrier with 3A soft insert. 150$

Ar500 abdominal level 3 plates, 50$ each
Tactical Scorpion Gear 3+ Extreme PE lightweight plates, 11x14 XL size. Triple curve plate SOLD, single curve for 300$
Same brand, same material side plates, single-curved, 6x8.  120$ each

Also have a budget belt holster that holds an extra pistol mag to throw in with a sale.