I have 1,000 rounds in 3 bags.

I made it myself, not to sell but to use. But ive since lost my job and need some cash.

The load is as follows-
115gr FMJ
Assorted brass
Federal gold medal match small pistol primers
Hodgdon titegroup powder, 4.5gr 

This load was made specifically by the book, for training, made on a progressive press. I pull a round every 15 or so and verify that nothing has changed. I measure case overall length and the powder charge.

I need $100 per bag, or $300 for all 3 bags, 1,000 rounds. 

Thats $0.30 per round, much cheaper than ive found online and locally. I absolutely will not budge on price. I have a lot of time into this.

I also have 2 PMC battlepacks of XM855 green tip ammo that I will sell for $100 each. 
Will also sell Challenger Tactical 12 gauge 00 buckshot for $25 per box of 25rds