Contact at kandiguntrader (at) gmail

Looking to trade some .45+P carry ammo for 9mm carry ammo, same quality.

150rds Winchester LE Ranger SXT 230gr+P (SXT=Same eXact Talon--Black Talons without the black Lubalox coating)
40rds Speer Dold Dot 200gr+P GDHP
40rds CorCon 230gr+P JHP
20rds Hornady Critical Duty 220gr+P
55rds Hornady TAP FPD 230gr+P XTP JHP

All ammo has been stored indoors, in ammo cans with desiccant.

Will trade all 305 rounds for 350-500 rounds of quality 9mm JHP (amount TBD by what you have).

If you want to offer a cash price, mind the current market.

Prefer to move as one lot, within a 1 hour drive of Willmar.