What I have is a colt collection most my colts are brand new and I'd like to sell them altogether I have a 6 inch Python new Nickle brand new from the 70's , I have an 8 inch anaconda stainless steel Brand new from the 90's . I have a king cobra 6 inch stainless steel from the 90's brand new,  I have a colt cadet 22 brand new , I have a use colt cadet used both satin finish . I have two colts 1911 one stainless steel used and one colt 1911 collector brand new one of 400, both are model 80. I have a used 38 snubnose special colt detective used. What I'm looking for is an offer to buy all of them as a collection no doubt you'd have to see them before you agree to buy them and I don't want games only serious buyers please , I'd like to sell them all at one time , and there will be signed paperwork and background check thx Mark