7.62x39 Ak Mag kits, these are Made by AC-Unity, i have 4 available @ $100 each
These are awsome mags used by the bosnian military and with a lifetime warrenty!

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Magazine Weight (Unloaded): Only 12.6 ounces.
Color: Black
Capacity: 60rd
Cartridge: 7.62x39mm
Condition: New
Production: Made in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The AC-Unity 60rd AK47 quad-stack 7.62x39mm magazine is impact resistant, lightweight, and highly reliable for all AK47/AKM weapons. More compact than drums or twin 30rd mags clamped together. Will fit and function in all 7.62x39 AK47 style rifles/carbines/pistols that use standard AK mags. This is the high-cap mag you have been waiting for, and the finest extended capacity AK mag ever made.

Made from an advanced, German made polymer-resin/granulate that is light weight and extremely shock resistant. The body is impact resistant through a wide range of temperatures. This polymer is exclusive to AC-Unity and gives these mags a huge edge in weight and durability.

Front and rear locking lugs and BHO reinforcements are machined from German GD ZN 410 metal legure; this is a specific German marine grade metal-alloy that is hardened, anti-magnetic, highly anti-corrosive with great wear properties. 
Carbon wire spring has a lifetime warranty against corrosion and will not degrade from use or loaded storage. 
Reinforced bolt hold open follower (Yugo Style BHO) works as a last round fired bolt hold open on all AK's. 

This mag is built to last using state of the art materials! AC-Unity magazines are used by Bosnian Defense Forces and other militaries in Europe and the Middle East. Not just military grade; but current military issue.

Lifetime warranty against defect, loss of spring strength or corrosion.
Weight empty: 12.6 Ounces (Soviet steel 30rd is 12.2 ounces)
Weight loaded with 60rd of Yugo 123gr: 48.8 Ounces (11.8 ounces lighter than two loaded 30rd steel mags. Also lighter than two loaded 30rd polymer mags!)

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