Included :

-Ruger MK iV Lite 
-3 magazines
-Maddmacs precision tactical- compensator 
                                            -Custom bolt 
-Volquartsen Accurizing kit (flat trigger package)
-Burris fast fire 3(BFF3) (3MOA DOT) complete with all components and box (lifetime warranty)
-After market BFF3 dove tail mount
-Dreamplastics rubber covers for BFF3
-StonerCNC custom grips 
-Tacticalsolutions rail (drill and tapped to lower barrel) 
————(((( AIR SOFT laser light combo))))————
-BONUS!!!!!!! Brand new pelican case 1660
- Ruger pistol lock and key
I am the only owner of this pistol. I have all original components for the pistol down to the original box it came in. I have probably only shot 500 to maybe I mean maybe  700 rounds through it and have never used the original bolt.  I do not want to sell it but I’m so deep in my other builds that I don’t shoot this enough. The price reflects that... if it sells it sells is the motto. 

(Supressor not included)

No trades!!!!!!!!!
with that being said my number is  (507) 250-7818