Here is a Remington Rand 1911 A1 and per serial number made in 1943. It appears to have all original parts including; High Standard barrel, type 2 hammer, stamped parkerized  trigger, serrated slide stop, fine checkered main spring housing, smooth contour thumb safety, Rev. 5-6 rear sight, magazine is a WW2, seven round manufactured by M. S. Little Mfg. Co., Hartford, Conn., all these are compliant with a ’43 Remington Rand issue. The exception to this are the grips, the left grip is a Keyes which would be original and the right is a Colt WW2 issue. The pistol is stamped with RIA for Rock Island Arsenal and it is possible the right grip was replaced in an arsenal rebuild.

Right side of frame: later ’43 production with the line from under the "O" in "NO" in front of the serial number removed. Faintly stamped ordinance escutcheon (cross cannons) upper top left side of grip. As stated above under the serial number stamped with “RIA” for Rock Island Arsenal found on receivers of guns rebuilt or inspected at the arsenal. Left side of frame marked with “FJA” for inspector Frank J. Atwood found on all Remington Rand 1911A1s throughout production. Type 3 slide with shorter then slide stop Remington Rand legend correct for all pistols from approximately 980000 to end of production. Stamped “P” visible on top of slide, barrel, frame (below magazine release).

Pistol has a fairly even parkerized finish overall with finish worn to patina on the rear and part of front the hand grip along with some slide and holster wear. The rear sight has some rough marks and there are other marks on the frame and grips that you would expect for a military issue 1911. The barrel has a shiny bore with distinct rifling. All the springs in the pistol have been replaced with modern springs from Brownells. The original springs are sealed in a plastic bag and will go with the pistol. This is a great historical piece that is mechanically sound, functions well and a great example of WW2 1911 A1.  I have more pictures I can send on request.

If the ad is here it's still available. Firearm is sold as is no warranty, cash only. This will be a private local AZ eligable only sale, I will not ship the firearm. I will only sell if you are over 21 years of age and have a valid AZ State ID/Driver's license or a AZ CCW, and sign a bill of sale.

Contact by email or call REDACTED. Thank you for looking.