I have some left overs of 40sw ammo I would like to move. I don't have any firearms in that caliber, thus it has to go

Whats offered:

2 boxes of Remington Green 180gr FMJ
2 boxes of HERTER'S ( Cabellas) 180gr FMJ
1 box of MagTech   180GR FMC FLAT
1 box of American Eagle 165 gr FMJ
Range Pack (5 boxes) of Blazer Brass 180 Grain FMJ
Range Pack (5 boxes) of reloaded Grade Point 180gr Round Nose Flat Point.

The last one is from a local reloader. He turns tons of ammo. I shoot a lot of his stuff still, 9mm 10mm without any issues. Better then some factory

That's 16 boxes total

Asking 600$, which under normal conditions I would say is excessive but under the current market is legit. Much cheaper then you can get it elsewhere (if you can get it)

Will trade for decent log splitter

Available for pickup pretty much any time in Forest Lake