The Ainsworth or OWA Colt refers to the earliest issued Single Action Army guns, which were inspected by Orville W. Ainsworth. Ainsworth was the ordnance sub-inspector at the Colt factory for the first 13 months (October 1873 to November 1874) of the Single Action Army's production. It was Ainsworth who inspected the Colts used by Col. G. A. Custer's 7th Cavalry at the Battle of the Little Bighorn. The number range of possible Little Bighorn Colts is 4500–7527. (Wikipedia)
This gun is serial number 7128 and nine numbers from a verified Little Bighorn gun according to Kopecks book on Calvary Colts.
This gun appears to be all original with every marking intact and still crisp. Faint OWA Cartouche visible on grips. Much of original bluing remains, 70%. Action is tight with distinct four click operation, Good shiney bore with strong rifling. Beautiful U.S marking this Army Calvary SAA Colt.
call or email questions, A beautiful survivor.