Will ship to FFL license holder only; and will drive reasonable distance for face-to-face transaction.

If you see this, rifle is available.

Marlin's North Haven centerfire fame came mostly from their 336 lever guns and their .22s. This 1983 Marlin Model 375 is different. The model name is the caliber shot, which is different than Marlin's many 336 rifle models. (This Marlin "Big Bore," shoots .375 Winchester Centerfire and .38-55 Winchester cartridges. Was only made from 1980 to 1983.) 

This is a 6-shot "JM" rifle. Hammer safety; no cross bolt, 20-inch Microgroove barrel, etc.

I believe this model was produced only for three years and dumped. Marlin marketing mistake, IMO, and reason for inflated prices.

Factory issue 3/4 magazine, hood etc. Receiver rail for factory taped receiver is included. 

Open sights, with new high Skinner Patridge brass blade front blade installed. (Easier to use) Buyer's choice, obviously.

I am open sight/dot sight fan...fast-handling rifle. If shooter is used to scope or dot sight, factory rail is included and uninstalled with fillers and attaching factory fasterners. 

With the higher all-brass Skinner front sight, rifle shoots a bit low at 100 meters and a hair high at 200 meters. I shoot as is, adjusting sight picture, rather than mess with sights. Scope can be set as needed, obviously.

Also includes the Marlin hammer extension, (scope users).

Swival posts.  

Walnut buttstock and forestock are nice; no cracks, no gouges.

The stock steel blue follower I replaced with a red one - no special reason.

Includes spring and longer pre cut magazine tube and SS spring needed to extend magazine to near-end of barrel, ala Winchester 94s, if prefered.  

Rifle is nice. 

Older Marlin front sight and hood included and can be reinstalled, if preferred, but not worth it, IMO.

Shipping, if needed, is free to currently licensed FFL.

The Marlin .375 cartridge is a genuine 50 to 300 meter deer cartridge. Does the job with far less recoil than a 45-70 or 35 Remington and better than a venerable .30-30 bottleneck. Straight-walls will be legal in SE MN in future. Perfect low recoil round this.)

The case is legal in deer hunting states having "straight-wall centerfire rifle cartidge limits.

Am not a dealer.