Meet in Eatonville unless I'm heading further out.  Or Morton.

Makarov ammo

All ammo steel cased, 90 or so grains, made in Russia, unless specified.

(magnetic) 16 boxes of 50 at $12 ea.

(magnetic) Brown Bear 100 rounds. One box is as advertised, other is a mix of 1/3 other steel cased, 2/3 hollow point. $24

(magnetic) Two boxes Silver Bear zinc cased, 100 rounds total $25

(non-magnetic) Corbon Defensive Ammo, one full box, one partial box (of four) 24 total rounds $20

9mm Luger

Federal box 115 grain 50 round box $20
White box, bought at I-5 Guns, 124 gr 50 round box $20

All 380 ammo brass cased, reloadable, all 94-95 grains FMJ except where noted

New Manufacture

Four Blue Boxes/50 rounds ea. PPU $24 ea.
One Partial Box 44 rounds Yellow UMC Ammo $22
One big box of 100 rounds Winchester $45
One partial box 38 rounds Winchester $16

Reloaded: (Component use only) (break apart and use)
Win cases with hollowpoints $25/box 0f 50, 3 boxes total