In on consignment we have a Kimber Onyx Ultra chambered in .45 acp. Comes with original box and an additional set of black pearl grips. 

The pistol’s fixed sights are dovetailed into the slide, and both the front blade and Tactical Wedge rear sight are fitted with tritium inserts for enhanced low-light shooting. The 3-inch, stainless steel, match-grade barrel has a 1-in-16-inch twist rate and is precisely fitted to the slide, so no separate barrel bushing is used. An integral lug at the breech end of the barrel incorporates the feed ramp and holds the barrel link. Beneath the barrel, the concentric recoil spring, with a full-length guide rod, is held in place by a recoil plug at the muzzle. The firing pin is inactive until the grip safety is fully depressed.

The grip safety itself is an extended beavertail design to protect the web of the hand from the oval-shaped, Commander-style hammer. Below that, the mainspring housing is flat but rounded at the heel to help with concealability. The mainspring housing and frontstrap are ball milled for a more secure hold during rapid-fire shooting. The magazine well is beveled for faster reloads, and the magazine catch is located in the usual position. A stainless steel, flush-fitting Kimber magazine is provided, and it has witness holes on both sides and a patented follower for feeding reliability.

The pistol’s ambidextrous thumb safety levers are extended for easy manipulation, but the slide release is strictly G.I. A match-grade, solid aluminum trigger with a 4- to 5-pound pull weight comes standard from the factory.

The consigner is asking $999.00