Great muzzle brake for Taurus TX22.

This is a high quality, aluminum muzzle brake compensator.  It is made in the USA (Minnesota actually).
It's been shot and returned, so it is not on sale to you at a deep discount. No returns. Sold as is. 
Shown on a Glock (if you have a .22 conversion kit) and on Taurus TX22 both pictured above.
Features include:
  • for .22cal
  • Sized to match the TX22
  • threaded for 1/2"-28 tpi right handed threads (most common 9mm threads in US)
  • Slide width of 0.85"
  • Slide geometry matches the TX22 slide!!
  • Will work on any pistol with a threaded barrel for 1/2"-28 (but won't match the slide)
  • add just 0.84" to the length of the barrel (adds to what the threaded barrel sticks out the slide)
  • Made of 6061 Aluminum
  • Anodized hard coat type III, Black or GREY
  • held on with #10-32 x 3/16" nylon tipped set screws (so it will not scratch barrel threads) (included)
  • tighten set screws to 10-12 inch pounds
  • Set screws are tightened with a 3/32" allen wrench (included).  When tightened down the tops of the allen screws are below flush with the side of the compensator.  On screws this small about 10 inch pounds is all the tighter you want to get them.
You can loctite the set screws and the comp on if you want with temporary loctite (not included).  See my store for individual tubes if you need it!

See ebay store in profile.