We have in our store a beautiful one of a kind rifle. Custom made in Germany for hunting, this rifle is based on the Gewehr 88 action. Chambered in 8x57js. It is silver plated with gorgeous details and engraving. It has a 100 meter sight as well as a 500 meter sight. A built in flip up peep sight, and comes complete with two charging clips which are also silver plated. The rifle has a super smooth action and is equipped with a set trigger.

we are asking $4,999 and we do offer layaway options!

we will also gladly ship out of state except to California and Virgina (apologies)

if you are interested please call or text us at the store at REDACTED

or come by the store and see it in person during business hours Tuesday through Friday 10am to 6pm and Saturday 10am to 3pm 
1582 E. Clinton Ave Seymour MO.