Yugoslavian M57 Tokarev Pistol Zastava 7.62x25mm Military Surplus.

$250. Local buyer must be over 21 with a valid KS DL. Will ship to an out of state FFL for $25.

  • Yugoslavian Manufactured M57 Tokarev Pistol
  • Semi auto Cal. 7.62 x 25mm
  • Includes: One 9 Rd. Magazine
  • Military Surplus Rated Fair to Good condition

These are original Yugoslavian Manufactured M57 Tokarev Pistols,Semi auto Cal. 7.62 x 25mm. Rated Surplus Fair to Good condition. The Zastava M57 pistol was a standard pistol for the Yugoslavian soldiers and was adopted in 1957 and a copy of the Soviet TT pistol. These pistols have become very popular with Western military collectors due to their great features and reasonable price.

Includes: 1- 9 Rd. Magazine