For Sale 3 different 1911 compact (Officers) grips. NOTE: None of the 1911 grips have the ambidextrous safety cut. 1) 1 set 1911 Compact/Officers double diamond rosewood grips. These are like new in original package. $35. 2) 1 set 1911 Compact/Officers black polymer grips, double diamond pattern. These would look good on a stainless gun. $25. 3) 1 set 1911 Compact/Officers thin polymer grips. These have a kind of a black basketweave design (carbon fiber?). These are smooth finish and very shiny. These grips are thinner than standard 1911 grips, and require  thin busings, which are included, with hex head screws! Would look good on a stainless gun. Like new, asking $35. Ruger SP101 grip is SOLD. I can ship any of these grips anywhere in the USA for $5 extra. Call or text Mike at (520) 678-5873