Smith and Wesson model 53 in original factory numbered box with paperwork and all six inserts. Wearing an 8 3/8 inch barrel with factory adjustable sights and a vintage telescopic sight utilizing the open sight mounting holes. Chambered in .22 Jet caliber which is a 357 magnum case that necks down to a .22 caliber projectile. This versatile revolver is also designed to fire .22 SLLR cartridges with the factory chamber inserts. .22 Jet ammunition is readily available online. 

The Blued finish remains very good on the revolver with the exception of light pitting on one flute of the cylinder from storage. The revolver functions perfectly as it should . This gun was ordered with options that include a target trigger, target hammer and target grips. This gun was advertised to produce muzzle velocities in excess of 2100 FPS. Made from 1961 tp 1972 in the USA. The .22 Jet was designed as a flat-shooting hunting round for handguns, and it is suitable for handgun hunting of varmints and medium game out to 100 yd.
Mn buyer needs Mn state ID and permit.
Buyer residing outside of Mn pays $30 shipping to local FFL  for transfer.