We have a used surplus German Mauser Bolo C96 "Broomhandle" for sale. This pistol comes chambered in 7.62x25 cal with a 3.9" barrel. This comes as shown in pictures. The Mauser Model of 1896 known as the Mauser C96 (i.e. Construktion 96), otherwise known as the broomhandle because of the shape of its grip, was Winston Churchill’s favorite pistol in his early years of his military service. The “Bolo” Mauser is the short barreled (i.e. 3.9″/99mm barrel) version of the original C96. These pistols were made in large numbers for the new Bolshevik government of Soviet Russia and the name “Bolo” came from the word Bolshevik. The Bolo Mauser is correctly known as the M1921 and they were made during the 1920’s. This particular model is a mixture of surplus original parts, and does import marks. For a complete history on this iconic firearm follow the link https://revivaler.com/mauser-bolo-broomhandle-semi-automatic-pistol/ to learn more about the C96 Broomhandle. This is in Good Used Surplus Condition however does have patina and pitting which for its age is common. Check out the pictures and feel free to call or email with any questions.


Priced at $800.00 with sales tax included. Must be 21yrs or older and pass a background check.


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