LOCAL ONLY (Trade or Cash)
I have a Gen 2 LAW TACTICAL AR Folding Stock Adaptor. LAW's customer service said it might be a prototype...not sure, but definitely Gen 2. These things are hard to come by currently--any Gen. The Gen 2 needs a little loktite during instalation, and it cannot be fired from the folded position. Plenty of YouTube vids to explain function/use/installation, etc.

Asking $175 Cash

Will trade for (any combiination of):
-American Eagle 9mm. 115 gr ammo
-PMC .223 ammo
-Mossberg 500 + $100 cash on my end (w/bill of sale)
-Remington Express 00B
-Skeet/dove shells
-Glock 17 mags or 30 rnd mags
-.45 ball ammo