We have a used Ultra Rare ITM AT84 Swiss Clone CZ 75 (CZ Pattern) Pre-B for sale. This pistol comes chambered in 9mm Luger (9x19) with a 4.72" barrel. This comes as shown in pictures. The ITM AT84 is a Swiss built copy of the CZ 75 built in Solothurn, Switzerland. Patrick takes a look at this interesting find that somehow was produced in Switzerland, imported to Israel where it was a duty weapon for some time, then imported to the US by Century International Arms. Chambered in 9mm, the AT84 is identical to the early Pre-B CZ75s on the market with a slightly different roll mark. Later in the production run the decision was made to switch to a Tanfoglio design that made it to the US as a commercial import called the AT84S.  ITM (Industrial Technology & Machines) in Solothurn Switzerland produced less than 5,000 of these in the early 1980's excellent target shooting, personal and home protection very accurate pistols with the adjustable rear sight and very crispy and soft trigger assembly. This Action Arms, Model AT-84, Semi-Auto Pistol, 9mm cal.,4.72" Barrel with beautiful original blue finish. It was imported by C.A.I. This is in Good Used Condition, however the original finish is wearing as seen in pictures. Overall we would grade at approx 90%. Check out the pictures and feel free to call or email with any questions.


Priced at $800.00 with sales tax included. Must be 21yrs or older and pass a background check.


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