We have a new Rossi Model R92 Carbine for sale. This rifle comes chambered in .44Magnum with a 16" barrel. It comes in box as shown. Rossi has an excellent long standing reputation for producing reliable and accurate firearms at affordable prices. The Rossi R92 Carbine is an excellent ranch, range or brush rifle. It has that vintage look and feel of the rifles that won the west, but this it not your grandpa's old lever action. With authentic craftsmanship, cutting-edge engineering and state of the art processes, the Model 92 is a traditional lever action rifle for today's modern shooters. The short round barrel delivers a lightning fast, easy to maneuver, rifle that's ready to go to work where and when you need it. It's the classic truck gun or camp rifle that you've always wanted. The precision built lever action is fast and smooth cycling with a quick throw. This gives you faster follow-up shots and is great fun with cowboy action style shooting. It features a beautiful durable hardwood stock with a curved crescent buttplate for comfort and a lasting stainless finish to protect it from the elements. Varmint hunting, pest control or deer and hog in hunting heavy cover the M92 is the perfect choice. When you need a go-to rifle that's ready to play hard and work harder, you need your Rossi R92 Carbine.
This also includes the full MFG warranty. Check out the spec's below:

Rossi Item Number 920441613
Lever Action Rifle
.44 Magnum
8 Rounds
16" Round Barrel
Tube Magazine
Fixed Front Sight
Adjustable Buckhorn Rear Sight
Hardwood Stock
Crescent Buttplate
Blued Finish
Overall Length 37.875"
Weight: 4.8 lbs

Priced at $575.00 with sales tax included. Must be 18yrs or older and pass a background check.


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