I have a beautiful, and in very very good condition 101 year old 1917 Colt Army New Service Revolver. This one was made in 1919.

The horse is still clearly visible and it has the correct grip panels. The unique finish put on these guns has withstood time as it is in very nice military grade 1 condition.

These are extremely accurate even today and are extremely sturdy. Weather a collector or shooter they are an example if craftsmanship long gone in todays world.

This one does has the "United States Property" mark as well as all appropriate military approval stamping.

This is an excellent Colt to get a letter for from Colt, to unfold it's long history. 

Please no felons or restricted buyers. 
Az face to face sale only 
Must have valid AZDL or CCW. 
Must be willing to sign billof sale. 

$985 OBO