I have 3 excellent condition Mosin's for sale. 
1st is a 1938 Tula,
2nd is a 1942 Izhmash,
3rd is a 1943 Izhmash. 
All 3 are numbers matching.
I have 2 bayonets,  2 or 3 slings, ammo belt pouches,  and 1 set of tools, along with the manuals.  The 38 and 43 mosins are all original, and the 42 has an aftermarket sight mount installed on it (easily removable).  I also have around 500 rounds of ammo available if a purchaser is interested in those.
Asking $300 each, or $825 for all 3 with all the accessories (aside from ammo, that is extra $).
I may look at trades for other firearms or related accessories.