Thompson G2 Contender Carbine with seven (7) barrels. 223 // 6MM Bullberry Improved= wildcat with Dies // 7/30 Waters // 30/30 Ackley Improved = wildcat with Dies // 375 Win. // 45/70 Govt. & 45 Caliber muzzel loader with all accessories to load and fire. 223 / 6MM / 7/30 / 30/30 have 3-9 scopes. 375 / 45/70 & 45 Muzzel have reflex sights. Airline approved lockable travel case, will hold five barrels or carbine and two (2) barrels, Allen custom soft case will hold assembled Carbine and one (1) extra barrel. Some of these barrels are no longer available. This unit is for sale $2500.00 or trade for 5'x12' or 6'x10" factory made enclosed cargo trailer in good condition, NOT HOME MADE. Adult size 4WD ATV, 500cc or larger in go running order. I will consder all trade offers for firearms of equal value. Looking for quality sub-compact 9MM + $$$$. Dollar amount depends on manufactor and condition. This unit will be sold to ARIZONA residents only, must have AZ ID or CCWP. Uintelligent inquiries will be ignored with no reply. No low-ballers, hagglers, hustlers or want-to-be con artist, do not waste my time.