Ghillie Suit, Hand-Made by a Combat Veteran, United States Marine.
Constructed from the "ground-up" with a new Tru-Spec, (TRU), Uniform in A-TACS-iX Camo Pattern, Size: Medium-Long.
Front Skid-Plates made from strong, US-Made Duck Canvas to protect the front of your body while lying in the prone position.
Shirt, Pants, Boonie Cover, and Custom-Made, Adjustable Hood included.
The entire Ghillie Suit is covered with a custom "Grid" that was constructed from 550 Paracord, (2" Grid), that allows for natural foliage attachement in order to better blend into your environment.
Ghillie Suit garnish is made from natural jute fibers, natural burlap, and has been dyed with natural, plant-based dyes. NO CHEMICAL SMELL!
Foliage Bands have been attached to the grid for additional method of adding natural foliage. (Remember; Environments change, so foliage needs to be changed!)
This Ghillie Suit can be purchased, or you can contact me and I will construct a custom Ghillie Suit according to your specifications.
Custom, Hand-Made Ghillie Suits are more expensive than "store-bought" and "bulk-manufactured" suits, but they are more reliable, longer lasting, well-made, and they are modular. "Store-Bought" suits are not modular and fall apart after only a few uses.
Please contact Mason Cole at Tactical Ghillie Suits; ( in order to purchase this suit or place a custom order.
I have included only 3 pictures of this suit because that is all I am able to post on this listing. If you would like to see more pictures of this suit, please contact me by e-mail and I will send you the pictures.
If you have any questions, I am available to answer them.
Price listed below is an introductory price. Each custom Ghillie Suit takes 80-100 hours to create! (Average of $650.00 for materials and $10.00 per hour for labor.)
$1,000.00 OBO for this suit.