Springfield Armory inc. M1 Garand 30/06, This is a Very interesting rifle for the collector. This is a Pre Production M1 Garand Manufactured by Springfield Armory inc. while they were tooling up to start building the M1 rifle. The serial number of this rifle is T4. From information received from Springfield there were 8 Pre Production rifles made in 1979. Serial number T1-T8. Rifles T1-T3 were destroyed by the factory. while T4-T8 were "out there somewhere". That would make this the First surviving Springfield Armory M1. Springfield made the receivers and the balance of the parts were of military manufacture. This is a nice rifle. metal looks good, the walnut stock shows some minor marks from honest use an is without any military markings. There are no import markings.This is an interesting rifle an Rare for what it is., theres a few collectors out there that knows these rifles an how rare they are. So saying that, If you were to buy it, an I have to wrap an box this weapon up to ship it, (to a Dealer) its going to be another $100,  I will do from me to Dealer with a copy of Licenses an carry permit. make sure your dealer will accept this an it is legal in your area. Or I will do a local sale.