M1 Garand Springfield Armory 332XXXX 1944 early CMP Danish return. For the Collector this is a fine example of a Danish return with the High Gloss Beech stock and the VAR replacement barrel. For the Shooter the VAR replacement barrel is arguably one of the most accurate. The stamped parts are as follows.
Bolt - D28287 - 12SA - S - A3 Diamond (April 44 - Jan 45)
Barrel -VAR 4-61
Op Rod - D35382 SA 
Trigger Housing - D28290 - 12 - SA (1944)
Hammer - C46008 - 8SA (Early 1945)
Lock up on the stock is not the greatest but if you plan on shooting for accuracy it could be shimmed or replaced. Most be legally able to own a firearm. $1100.00 obo. Thanks for looking.