This is a CORRECT post war HRA/ H&R M1 Garand rifle.  It was a cmp rifle with the matching hra barreled receiver that is as good as they come and is an excellent shooter!  When I say " correct" it means all of the parts are just how it would have come out of the H&R factory. According to Scott duff'sSDuff's book. The sights, op rod, downtdown to thesthe front sling loop screw is correct to HRA of this vintage. Stock is amazing in itsself with 3/8" ordinance stamp and non serrif p on the wrist. younyou will not find a nicer example of an hra garand out there. If you know your stuff than you can appreciate what this is. Hate to let this go but times are tough... 

**There is no need to ask if it is available... if the post is up that means it is available**

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