Up for sale is a real warhorse of a pistol. Its a Colt  1917 DA ,45 acp revolver in great condition with period holster marked USMC. Im not a Colt expert but from what information I could gather, it was originally a .45 LC. recambered at the start of WW1 and then placed in an arsenal and reissaued for WW2. It was issued to my father in WW2 either during his tour in Europe or as an MP in SC. It has recently benn serviced by an extremely compent gunsmith to replace all springs and lighten the triger pull. I have shot several hundred rounds in it without any failure. Accuracy is normal for a militry pistol of this age, This revolver looks to be originaql in every aspect with blimish on the left side cover plate. Bluing is good and looks original. Bore is bright and lands are sharp.Cylinder has minor pitting at the projectile end but cases are removed very easily with the attached moon clips, Along with the pistol comes the period USMC holster. case removal tool and several moon clips.