All trades/sales for firearms will require FFL transfer due to the recent Inringement bill HR8 passed by the Houe and upcoming vote in the Senate. Shameful, I get it but got to cover my butt.

65 pound adjustable pull at 31 inch length.
SL-4 4 pin fiber optic sight
Carbon fiber rest and stabilizer
2 arrow rests - prongs and ring
4 zombie slayers
6 carbon arrows
Broad head and target tips
2 releases - Smith and ....
Coated strings with loop

Over $1300 in parts. Will sale individual parts depending on deal and how many parts you need.

Also have the following for sale/trade:

Savage Model10 .308 bolt rifle - $1000
Juggernaut Tactical custom AR10 .308win - $2500
Bronze 45th President Custom Glock 19 - $1000