If you are looking to sell your Glock and don't want to work through all the paperwork and hassle of meeting times and dealing with the whole process, just sell me your gun. I will take care of the legal transfer very quickly and have you on your way in about 10 minutes. That being said I am not paying retail, but will make you a fair offer on your gun. I am mainly looking for 9mm's- 17,19, 26, 34, 17L, and 10mm's, but will try and make a fair offer on any Glock, yes even 40's, but 40's don't go for as much, so I won't be able to offer as much. MOSTLY looking for Gen 3-5, but will consider any Gen depending on condition. I am looking for only stock or mostly stock guns, that are in very good condition. Not looking for crazy modifications, barrels, or home trigger jobs. If you want a trade take a look at the website www.haynesandsonsguns.com Please try and have a realistic idea of what you want to get out of your gun, as I will need to sell it at a reasonable price, therefore I will need to buy it for... less. I am paying cash right now so lets make it happen. Please text (509)475-8125 for info now. I am open weird times 8-10am and by appointment only, but we will work it out.

Haynes and Sons Guns LLC