Alas, I am forced to sell my beloved Dillon Square Deal reloading press.  It was factory rebuilt in 2015 and comes with many extras.  The following is a list with Dillon pricing for comparison.  The prices were taken from the latest Dillon catalog delivered to my home.

Dillon Square Deal Press w/
10mm/.40S&W setup                  $460.00
Custom Stand                              150.00
Dillon Cover                                  25.00
2 Extra Powder measures              180.00
3 Extra Tool Heads                       114.00
9mm Caliber Conversion                99.00
.45ACP Caliber Conversion             99.00
Square Deal Parts Kit                    39.00
4 Lg. Primer Tubes                        30.00
4 Sm. Primer Tubes                       30.00
10mm case gauge                         18.00
Primer Flip Tray                             24.00
3 lbs. Titegroup Powder                 48.00
1600 Federal Lg. Pistol Primers      48.00
100 9mm brass                            20.00
400 .45 brass                               80.00
RCBS Case Trimmer                    140.00 
Bullet puller                                 24.00

Total                                       $1.628.00

Everything works perfectly.  I just finished loading 1000 rounds of 10mm.  The stand is made from a heavy rubber traffic sign base with a 1/4" steel plate bolted to it.  The legs are 3"X3" angle iron welded to the base with a steel top made from 1"X1" angle iron with a steel plate top.  It is VERY heavy duty.