Leaving it up one more week then I’ll just keep it. 

If it’s up it’s availabe. Send offers first email or be ignored. Price is non negotiable unless working on trades. Not a saiga I know but molot vepr isn’t an option to choose. 

Hardly used. Bored and need something new. Not in a rush to sell or trade for junk.

Vepr 54r 20”, 4 mags, new custom furniture set refinished proper, new never zeroed pso1 optic, tabuk/svd flash hider, 200 rounds of ammo 40 being brass. I’ve even got the factory wood set and hardware... no box. Zeroed irons and put away. Rpk style 1.6mm bulged receiver so it will take whatever AKM furniture you desire on the rear end. You can convert the front end to standard AKM if you wish. Chamfered bolt runs aftermarket Csspecs mags. $1500 sanctioned to never be imported again.

Additional info for those that don’t know what the rifle is:

This rifle is similar to the psl with few exceptions. Both being an upscaled AKM action chambered for 7.62x54r. However the vepr is a true Russian import w/ 20” barrel with an uncommon squareback receiver that will accept all AKM/RPK rear end furniture options & has a front sight gas block combo for a somewhat lighter front end. The psl is a Romanian rifle w/ 24” with sort of a slant/curve rear end and you’re stuck with the thumb hole stock. If you’re wanting a new psl or 54r dmr and you don’t wanna blow the $1900 up to what $15k for an svd price tag this is probably the one you want. Easily minute of man out to 700y (longest I’ve got my private range set up to) I’m sure you’d be able to get more out of it working with handloads. Molot vepr is sanctioned/banned Russian import. Won’t be seeing anymore of these come around